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I'm Karli, the eater, writer, and photographer behind The Coastal Kitchen. Born and bred in California, I have left my coastal San Diego life to live with my Irish husband in Dublin, another city by the sea. With a bachelor's and master's degree in literature, I hope to fuse my love of writing with my passion for all things food.

A little bit about the year that ignited my love for cooking...

Since childhood I have charted my greatest memories and experiences through an ever-growing food map in my head. From road-side burger joints to dinners in Little Italy, San Diego provided me with ample opportunities to educate myself in the joy of consuming truly great food.

Before I started traveling this was strictly a one-sided relationship. Someone else cooked - I ate. But once I made the decision after college to move to Germany and spend a year living and working for a family as an au pair, I was introduced to the other side of the equation. My tasks included making lunch for my host mom, Lisa, and her daughter Elsa every weekday. After a few weeks of dictating easy meals for me to prepare, Lisa decided to invest in a weekly delivery of healthy meal options. This delivery included incredibly detailed recipes with instructions, as well as some of the required meat and produce to make the meals.

It was during this year that, flanked by google translate and some "how to" YouTube videos, I learned how to cook. Slowly and ungracefully I followed each recipe exactly as written. Then eventually when I started to feel a bit more comfortable, I began to develop some recipes of my own. This was when the magic happened. By the end of that year not only had I developed a basic understanding of how to cook, but I had acquired a deep love of creating meals for others. 

One master's degree and a husband later, I've settled into life in a new country. The Coastal Kitchen is a product of this new life, and I hope it inspires you to get out of your comfort zone and into the kitchen. Let's take some chances, make some mistakes, and revel in our accomplishments!